Sep 142018


The appearance of Morbid Messiah is deceptive. This death metal quartet from Guadalajara, Mexico, look very young — no doubt because they actually are very young, especially in comparison to ancient creatures such as this writer. But when you listen to their music, you realize that they must have old souls — the souls of corpses who perished in horrible fashion and have been reanimated into ghastly new lives.

Morbid Messiah‘s debut EP, In the Name of True Death Metal, was self-released in 2016 but was soon given a sold-out tape treatment by Godz ov War Productions. Their new album, Demoniac Paroxysm (adorned by the distinctive cover art of Mark Riddick), has attracted even more label interest, with a CD release coming on October 22nd via Memento Mori and a vinyl edition in the works from Unholy Prophecies.

One song from the album (“Howling From the Grave“) has crawled from the crypt already, and today we have a second one: “Graveyard Headhunter“. Continue reading »