Aug 272021


As I hoped, I had time to compile a second round-up on this Friday… and I have ideas for a third one tomorrow, so do check back. There’s no sandwich this time, unlike the first compilation today, just a severe case of whiplash as you go from the first song into what comes next.


It appears that the revival of Dawn of Solace by Tuomas Saukkonen will be a lasting one, because a new album named Flames of Perdition is now set for release on November 12th via the Noble Demon label, and the first item I chose for this collection is a video for its first advance track, “White Noise“.

The emotional power and intensity of the song absolutely floored me. The intensity builds steadily, from its soft and wistful beginning through grim, heavy chords, neck-cracking drums, darting riffs, and the soaring, spine-tingling voice of Mikko Heikkilä (of Kaunis Kuolematon). It reaches a zenith of dark and moving impact via a stunningly beautiful and deeply moving guitar solo by Jukka Salovaara. Continue reading »

Jun 072017


In the annals of brutal death metal, few bands have a profile as large or as indelible as Pathology’s. With nine albums on their resumes since 2006, including their new self-titled one, they essentially followed an annual release schedule until the three years that have now passed since Throne of Reign. Despite the passage of those years, the line-up has remained intact: Dave Astor, the only consistent member of the band since its inception, is still behind the kit; Tim Tiszczenko still wields the axe in a way that dispenses with the need for a bass player; and the beastly Matti Way remains in control of the vocal onslaught. In other words, the triumvirate who reunited with 2013’s Lords of Rephaim are still in harness together.

If you take the long view of Pathology’s career, you could argue that they’ve been marching toward greater degrees of intricacy and stylistic flare within a genre known for its primitive, gore-soaked, head-smashing heaviness, arguably reaching a zenith in their progress with Throne of Reign. And so what has happened in the intervening three years? And could the band’s decision to self-title their new album after that stretch of time be taken as a sign of a re-start or a re-set?

Well, rather than barge into a review of the entire album, let’s just stick to “Shudder” — which is the track we’re premiering today. Continue reading »

May 152017



(DGR steps in for round-up duty with a collection of deathly advance tracks from forthcoming albums that detonated late last week.)

2017 has been a year that has moved in fits and starts, with huge batches of releases and then a period of calm, then another huge batch and so on. It’s a different feeling from last year’s torrential flood, but it also means that promotional stuff moves in fits and starts as well — which is how we wound up with the back half of last week bringing one big release after another from some fairly recognizable names for those who love their death metal and high speed.

It was a pretty intense flood of death metal washing over the metal community, much of it coming from some fairly big names — a hefty collection of mainstays, old guard, and standard-bearers. We tried to collect some of them into our usual three-to-four part series of bands, but eventually it seemed like everyone wanted to get in on the game, and that’s why you have a SEEN AND HEARD headline with five recognizable names within it, all deploying material virtually at once. Continue reading »

Feb 012014

Here are some things I spied and heard over the last 24 hours, including a destructive new song and an invigorating new video. But I begin with some teasing photos that appeared in my Facebook news feed. The first one is above, accompanied by these words:

“Legendary Florida Death Metal pioneers Massacre will return with their first studio album effort in almost 20 years! Programmatically entitled Back From Beyond, the album will be released on March 24th in Europe and April 1st in North America.”

Here are some others, with the verbiage that accompanied them. If you don’t recognize the faces, hover your mouse over the images.

“New Album nearly complete! 1.31.14”

Continue reading »

Sep 132013

(TheMadIsraeli reviews the new album by San Diego’s Pathology.)

It’s amazing how Pathology have become an insanely reliable source of grotesque slamming sickness.  The last two albums especially boasted an over the top Neanderthal brutalitarian ethic that was quite impressive.  Unfortunately for the band, it seems that after releasing two albums that contained music capable of causing entire civilizations to riot, that previous lineup seems to have imploded — and that’s where Lords of Rephaim comes in.

All that remains are the founding guitarist (Tim Tiszczenko) and drummer (Dave Astor), as well as the return of vocalist Matti Way.  I can see some people being skeptical, and Pathology may be losing some of the fan steam they gained with the last two records, because this is definitely not what earned them their recent boost in popularity.  Lords of Rephaim is chock full of more technical riffs in the style of their older work, leaving the slam in the background to serve as a blunt instrument that breaks open skulls from behind as opposed to the ruthless assault displayed by the Huber-era stuff.

This shit still fucks you up, really hard, I might add, but it’s definitely a more precise as well as faster brand of cranial trauma. Continue reading »

May 152013

Here are a few new things I came across since our last post from yesterday that got me excited.


The first item is at the top of this post. It’s another creation of the masterful Par Olofsson, the cover for the next album by San Diego’s Pathology. Yesterday the band announced that the album will be entitled Lords of Rephaim and will be released on September 3 by Sevared Records (the band having completed their three-album commitment as the fish out of water at Victory Records). Based on previous reports, this new album will feature the return of singer Matti Way and original guitarist Tim Tiszczenko. I’m ready.

Next, get a load of this new cover art: Continue reading »

Sep 252012

(TheMadIsraeli reviews the new album by San Diego’s Pathology, which is out today on Victory records.)

So yeah, remember these guys?  They released one of the most brutal slam albums ever last year, Awaken to the Suffering?  Yeah.  I reviewed that album (here) cause it ran over waves of children and chopped them up as if it were a blasting, grinding lawn mower in a field of miserable little shits who didn’t deserve to live anyway.  I’m kind of surprised that we’ve already got a new album, but I’m not at all offended because The Time Of Great Purification is as brutal, if not more brutal, than its predecessor.

I think it’s fair to say that Pathology have consistently released quality death metal, but I definitely think the introduction of Jonathan Huber on vocals changed this band for the better.  The music on this album is intensely violent, and if you can believe it, Huber has turned up the roid rage on his vocals even more than before.  Now, instead of a blood-gurgling beast, he sounds like he’s gurgling blood as bile and worms spew out of his mouth and the ground beneath him corrodes and rots away.  It’s fucking mental. Continue reading »

Sep 142012

Here’s Part 2 of the morning round-up of things I saw and heard over the last 24 hours that I thought were worth passing on. The first part is HERE.


I saw that Pathology have released their first digital single, “Tyrannical Decay”, from their forthcoming album The Time Of Great Purification, scheduled for release on September 25 by Victory Records. It’s available on iTunes and Amazon mp3. There’s a music video for the song that’s supposed to see daylight on September 17. You get two guesses about who did the artwork for the single.

As for “Tyrannical Decay”, it’s a brutalizing, pummelizing, meat-tenderizing, bludgeonizing, gutturalizing, demolitionizing slab of merciless death metal. If you’re into brutal death, check this out:

Pathology – “Tyrannical Decay”

[audio:|titles=Pathology – Tyrannical Decay]
May 072012

Last year, the SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour promoters came up with the clever idea of sponsoring a fan vote for the tour’s opening band and then organizing a second tour for the bands on the ballot who lost the election. This year, they’ve done it again, giving metal consumers two tours instead of one.

This year’s SLAUGHTER SURVIVORS tour is headlined by Pathology and includes Enfold Darkness, Fallujah, Fit For An Autopsy, and Aegaeon. We’ve complimented the music of all these bands in previous NCS posts (if you don’t believe me, type their names in the search box), and this should make a worthwhile show for those who live in the right U.S. cities.

Speaking of which, the schedule is after the jump. Continue reading »

Nov 082011

(How could you not read an album review by someone who calls himself The Baby Killer? How could you not guess that someone who calls himself The Baby Killer would just eat up the new album by Pathology?)

Sometimes in death metal the phrase “simple but effective” isn’t just a description, it’s a way of life. Such is the case with San Diego slamsters Pathology, who have risen from relative obscurity to one of the last bastions for tr00 brutal death metal in the space of just a few albums. Their previous release, last year’s Legacy of the Ancients, was not only their first with a major label (Victory), but was also easily one of the best slam albums since Devourment’s Butcher the Weak, and fans of brutality the world over rejoiced that a band this legitimately heavy was getting some mainstream attention. Or at least I was, I dunno about you guys.

And now here we are approximately one year later, and these bad boys have already done more than their fair share of touring, gone through some lineup changes, and still managed to churn out another slab of slams (try saying that five times fast) in the form of their new full-length Awaken To the Suffering. (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »