Feb 012014

Here are some things I spied and heard over the last 24 hours, including a destructive new song and an invigorating new video. But I begin with some teasing photos that appeared in my Facebook news feed. The first one is above, accompanied by these words:

“Legendary Florida Death Metal pioneers Massacre will return with their first studio album effort in almost 20 years! Programmatically entitled Back From Beyond, the album will be released on March 24th in Europe and April 1st in North America.”

Here are some others, with the verbiage that accompanied them. If you don’t recognize the faces, hover your mouse over the images.

“New Album nearly complete! 1.31.14”


“Final solo recorded for the album. Guitars are officially done! Sounding incredible. Some studio footage will come soon!”


The Serpent & The Sphere session. Photo: Veleda Thorsson”


(Okay, yeah, I wrote about that last one yesterday, but the photo is new.)

“ITS OFFICIAL: the ORIGIN Omnipresent sessions are a wrap!!! It was a grueling month, but you can be assured we have produced some of the most intense and diverse Origin material to date!! (Rest assured ‘diverse’ does NOT mean clean singing or any soft metal BS) We go from lightspeed to absolute zero and back on this one. We are everywhere and nowhere. We are Omnipresent. Cant wait for you to hear it. And you will. soon.”


“Preorder the new 2014 Pathology album through Kickstarter!”


“Pre-Order the new Bloodsoaked album or any of the previous albums and receive an Exclusive preview of the title track ‘Religious Apocalypse’. –


Okay, enough with the new album teases. Onward to some actual music.

The first offering for your ears is a previously unreleased song by Ævangelist (pictured in the new photo above) entitled “Halo of Lamented Glory”. The band performed this song during their recently completed tour, and to commemorate the tour’s completion they uploaded it to YouTube yesterday. They concluded their announcement of the song on Facebook with these words: “For now, we will withdraw into the temple of our muse and begin the recording of Æ III.” Hell yes.

Now, prepare yourself for some howling, shrieking, otherworldly, black/death decimation from the Abysscape inhabited by the Ævangelist entity — the kind of music to which you can headbang while watching your guts spill out onto the linoleum.


And finally, here is a brand new video by Darkane. The song is “Mechanically Divine” and it appears on the band’s latest album The Sinister Supremacy. While it may not be the catchiest song on the album (I have my own favorite for that, which you may be seeing soon in another NCS series), it is still awfully damned infectious, not to mention adrenalizing.


  1. Pretty much all of these albums teasings generally make me giddy. And I gotta go back and check out that Darkane album, ‘cuz this song is pretty badass.

  2. new Massacre????? sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet 🙂

  3. Wow. Yeah. I need to pick up that Darkane album. Great track.

  4. I do love that Darkane album… my only gripe with it is that some of the lyrics are just terrible.

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