Sep 142012

Here’s Part 2 of the morning round-up of things I saw and heard over the last 24 hours that I thought were worth passing on. The first part is HERE.


I saw that Pathology have released their first digital single, “Tyrannical Decay”, from their forthcoming album The Time Of Great Purification, scheduled for release on September 25 by Victory Records. It’s available on iTunes and Amazon mp3. There’s a music video for the song that’s supposed to see daylight on September 17. You get two guesses about who did the artwork for the single.

As for “Tyrannical Decay”, it’s a brutalizing, pummelizing, meat-tenderizing, bludgeonizing, gutturalizing, demolitionizing slab of merciless death metal. If you’re into brutal death, check this out:

Pathology – “Tyrannical Decay”

[audio:|titles=Pathology – Tyrannical Decay]


Earlier this week I wrote about the new album on the way from this Romanian band started by founding members of Negură Bunget. The album is named Dar De Duh and that earlier post includes details about it that I won’t repeat here. In the previous post I included a track called “Cumpăt”, and today the band released a music video for a second song, “Dojana”. It was directed, filmed, and edited by the same Costin Chioreanu who created the eye-catching album cover.

This comes with a “clean singing” warning. Moreover, the song isn’t even metal. But the setting is so dramatic, the traditional instruments used are so damned cool, and the song is so beautiful that it’s . . . e**c.


Within the last week I also posted about the then-forthcoming new EP (The Conscious Device) by the Spokane-based instrumental wunderkind in Odyssey. As of today, the EP is now available for streaming and download on Bandcamp — HERE.

I haven’t even listened to a minute of it, because if it’s like everything else this band have done, I know I will need the time to hear it from beginning to end, without interruption. That’s one thing I’m very much looking forward to doing this weekend. If any of you take the plunge sooner than I do, let me know what you think (in the Comments).



  1. That Odyssey EP doesn’t start off very intense. But, it does get more interesting and uplifting further in – surprisingly so, at least for oneself.

    That Doreduh song has got one interested. Were/are Negură Bunget anything like this as well? Or is this style of song a one-off thing?

  2. Listening to the Odyssey tracks makes me think I am stuck in the elevator at Steve Vai’s apartment.. I don’t mind, because I can tap my foot, but I am starting to wonder when I will get to his floor….

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