Sep 252012

(TheMadIsraeli reviews the new album by San Diego’s Pathology, which is out today on Victory records.)

So yeah, remember these guys?  They released one of the most brutal slam albums ever last year, Awaken to the Suffering?  Yeah.  I reviewed that album (here) cause it ran over waves of children and chopped them up as if it were a blasting, grinding lawn mower in a field of miserable little shits who didn’t deserve to live anyway.  I’m kind of surprised that we’ve already got a new album, but I’m not at all offended because The Time Of Great Purification is as brutal, if not more brutal, than its predecessor.

I think it’s fair to say that Pathology have consistently released quality death metal, but I definitely think the introduction of Jonathan Huber on vocals changed this band for the better.  The music on this album is intensely violent, and if you can believe it, Huber has turned up the roid rage on his vocals even more than before.  Now, instead of a blood-gurgling beast, he sounds like he’s gurgling blood as bile and worms spew out of his mouth and the ground beneath him corrodes and rots away.  It’s fucking mental.

The music this time around has changed just a tad.  While this is still brutal-ass slam at heart, the pace of the music has sped up quite a bit, the riffing has taken on a much more sinister atonal character, and a lot of the grooves have taken on a very distinct Dying Fetus flavor (never unwelcome).  Aside from that though, just like the previous album, this shit devours souls, shits entrails, suffocates on stomach acids, and causes my life to simply not feel worth living any more since it has awakened me to the nature of how horrific existence on this planet truly is.

I can’t find enough brutal metaphors, symbols, or comparisons to quantify just how much this album beats the shit out of you and makes you beg for more.  I mean, like, fuck.  It’s kinda like if someone used a sledgehammer to reduce your limbs to complete mush one at a time and left you to experience it in painful immediacy before dying the most miserable death imaginable.  Or as if someone hooked you up to a dialysis machine to run liquefied horse shit through your kidneys while forcing you to watch every human horror captured on film until you become completely numb to it.

Pathology.  The Time of Great Purification.  Fuck.


  1. Oh, yes, I wanna leave my mushroom stamp of joy all over this album. Just beat it senseless with my engorged cock. Mmmmmmm!!!!

  2. This song has me even more excited to get this album. Fantastic.

  3. I want this new album, but recently I’ve pretty much decided that I prefer “Legacy of the Ancients” to the last release. I liked Huber’s vocals a lot at first; in fact I still like them, however they’ve just come to be quite tedious, and if I had to have a one-sided vocal approach I think I’d rather have Matti Way. I suppose the songwriting has lost its muster as well, maybe it’ll grow on me again, but as of right now his vocals are kinda lost on me, and the songs just aren’t as good as “Legacy” in my opinion.

  4. Guhhhh Slammmmm. I have to go do a million pushups now.

  5. I have heard the name of this band tossed around in a lot of circles, but I’ve always avoided listening to them because I don’t care for the band name. They should change it to something that’s indicative of their actual sound…..which is brutal as fuck! I’ll definitely be delving into their back catalog.

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