Sep 292012

Long-time NCS reader SurgicalBrute has been a reliable source of eviscerating musical recommendations for the site, sometimes through guest posts and sometimes via e-mail. Recently he sent me an e-mail with three new recommendations, all of which proved to be excellent. I’ve collected some info and music from each of the bands in this post. Here we go . . . .


Chapel are based in Vancouver, Canada and they released their debut album — Satan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll — on August 1 via the Irish label Invictus Productions. Here’s what SurgicalBrute said about Chapel:

Midnight . . . Speedwolf . . . forget them both . . . this band plays some ripping satanic blackened speed metal, and will definitely be on my year end list.”

Rooting around in the interhole, I found that CVLT Nation is streaming the album in full (here). I’ve been listening to it, and yeah, it fucken rips hell. It’s not hard to imagine that if hell were real, this would be the party music of choice. Matching rock and punk beats with filthy riffs, burned-raw vocals, and acetylene solos, Chapel have created a virally infectious debut release. Check out a few of the songs next. Continue reading »