Jul 122018


Some weeks it seems I find a new favorite band as often as the sun rises. Today, that band is the Norwegian trio Nachash. And in their case I have no doubt they will keep a hard grip on my loyalty for many sunrises to come. This new song we’re about to present from their debut album Phantasmal Trinunity (due for an August 10 release by Shadow Kingdom) is a prime example of why that is. Its name, which is an immediate clue — but only one clue — to what the music delivers, is “Vortex Spectre“.

Combining elements of black metal and death metal, the music is decidedly supernatural in its atmosphere, but the band also display a keen grasp on the irresistible pull of propulsive rhythms and hook-laden heavy-metal riffing, and the result is a track that’s powerfully addictive. Continue reading »

Nov 222015

Nachash-Conjuring the Red Death Eclipse


As you can see, I decided to give the “Seen and Heard” title a rest for today, but that’s still what this post really is — another selection of music I’ve come across in recent days that I thought you might enjoy as much as I have. Most of what’s in here is new, some of it only newly discovered by yours truly. As is usually the case, the featured music is stylistically diverse. And because this is a birthday weekend at NCS, I decided to really load up this post with a lot of listening.


We’ll start this collection of music with the debut EP from Norway’s Nachash, a four-track offering entitled Conjuring the Red Death Eclipse. Though it was released in February of this year (through Unborn Productions), I only discovered it recently, and what a discovery it has been.

The four long songs on the EP are rich and multifaceted. The final track “A Necromancer’s Lament”, which is set to play first on Bandcamp, is like a melding of stoner doom and black metal; the riffs are so goddamn delicious that I got pulled headfirst into the rest of the EP as if I’d been sucked into a whirlpool. Continue reading »