Nov 282016



As all lovers of extreme metal are well aware, Greece is home to some of the planet’s most powerful and distinctive black metal bands. As the years have passed, the “classic Hellenic sound” of the early and mid-’90s has morphed and expanded in a multitude of directions, reflecting the still-vibrant creativity at work in the Greek underground. NATVRE’S is one of the newer exponents of black metal from Greece who have managed to establish their own distinctive style within their homeland’s traditions of burning black ferocity.

NATVRE’S are based in Thessaloniki, and they self-released their debut album Wrath in 2015. The copies disappeared quickly, selling out in just a few months. But the Dutch label Argento Records knew a good thing when they heard it and are now primed to re-issue Wrath in a 3-panel digisleeve CD edition with enhanced artwork. We’ve written about one advance song from the album already (“Lazarines“), and today we get to bring you the premiere of another savagely crushing track, this one named “Endless“. Continue reading »

Nov 112016



I haven’t been listening to as much new metal this week as I usually do. Something to do with the seismic impact of our election, I suppose. But I did start digging into new things last night and today. I’ve collected a handful of new songs in this post and will spread more of them before you over the weekend. As usual, no two songs in this group are stylistically alike.


To begin this collection I don’t actually have a full song for you, but whenever the remarkable Eliran Kantor discloses a new album cover, that’s reason enough for me to give the album some space. The one you’re gazing at above is his painting for The Immortal Wars, which is the new album by Ex Deo. Continue reading »