Oct 152015



The members of the Phoenix band Naught have not disclosed their identities. The odds are high that they are human, but the music leaves room for doubt, for it is terror made manifest, doom made palpable — frigid, desolate, and harrowingly inhuman.

We bring you an exclusive stream of Naught’s self-titled debut, to be released in limited quantities by Battleground Records beginning tomorrow. Especially for a first full-length, it’s a remarkably accomplished and remarkably pitiless offering that all true fans of apocalyptic doom and sludge should embrace.

The self-titled album consists of three long tracks (“I, The Wraith”, “Firmament, Alight”, and “Oblation”) and one brief, unsettling ambient interlude (“A Looming Impermanence”). The music is spare and primitive, yet so well-produced and ingeniously conceived that it irresistibly opens the mind’s eye to vast barren vistas populated by the shades of the dead. Continue reading »