Jul 252018


After a long road forward, with their journey beginning more than a decade ago, the Italian black metal band Necandi Homines released their debut album, Da’at, last year through Vacula Productions. But the distance between the band’s origins and that first full-length won’t be repeated before we hear from them again: They’ve recorded a new EP named Black Hole that will be released in September by the UK label Third I Rex and the Italian label Toten Schwan Records. It consists of three tracks, spanning almost 30 minutes of music, and today we present the second of those as a sign of what’s coming next from these evolving experimentalists.

The EP is described as “the act of self-observation”, a cathartic, in-depth exploration of the inner self that starts from within the human condition and “finds its apex in the coldness and silence of the greatest void.” Judging from the track we present today, which comes in the middle of Black Hole‘s three-track sequence, it will be fascinating to experience the complete journey from beginning to end. This one alone is chilling and hypnotic — it casts a dark and lasting spell — but it does that in surprising ways. Continue reading »