Jul 302020


Time brings change, sometimes unexpected, sometimes planned. When multi-instrumentalist Muttaki Shafayath and vocalist Ruzlan Safat created Necrolepsy in Sylhet, Bangladesh during 2012, they dedicated themselves to goregrind. They launched an EP named Exhibition of Mutilated Apparatus in 2014, and followed that with a sequence of split releases from then into 2016. In that year, Necrolepsy fell silent, though its members continued to create together in the stoner doom band Moonshiner, which released a self-titled demo on 2017.

But the ensuing years brought even further changes. Muttaki moved to Toronto, and Ruzlan moved to Dhaka. And when they decided to resuscitate Necrolepsy across the span of thousands of miles, they decided to focus more heavily on death metal than they had in their earlier goregrind-rooted music. With that new focus, they’re at work on an EP projected for release in 2021, and today we’re premiering its first single, which will be released for download on July 31st.

Today we’re presenting a stream of that single — “Clot Over Concrete” — and it is a spectacularly wild ride. Continue reading »