Nov 012016



Draped in chains and with grim and murderous countenances, Necromorbid have mounted their warfare against Christ and Christianity from Italy’s ancient and beautiful land. Embracing the lineages of Archgoat, Black Witchery, Morbosidad, and other allied goat-horned purveyors of satanic black/death ferocity, Necromorbid have recorded a debut album fittingly named El Dia De La Bestia, and Caligari Records has sealed it within pro tape for release on November 6. At the end of this post, you will find a player that streams all 10 of its tracks.

The songs on the album are mainly compact, with relatively simple structures and a dedication to a campaign of relentless attacking savagery. A trip through the album is like jumping on a live power line, an experience that also spawns visions of gale-driven wildfires and black cyclones dropping from the skies everywhere you look. Continue reading »