Nov 042021


The Swedish death metal band Necrophagous boasts a line-up whose members have spent time in Visceral Bleeding and Entrails, and those pedigrees provide clues to the music encompassed by their debut album In Chaos Ascend, which is set for release by Transcending Obscurity Records on January 7, 2022. It has an old school flavor — flavors of Morbid Angel and Dying Fetus, of Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, of Suffocation and Revulsion. The music is undeniably vicious, but also packed with contagious riffs and compulsive grooves.

What we have for you today is a stream of “Wolf Mother“, the third single released from the album so far. As you’ll soon discover, it’s an exercise in high-powered, high-speed hostility and flesh-stripping derangement, which ends with a devolution into grisly moods of degradation and decay. Continue reading »