Jun 232016

Necroptic Engorgement cover

New York’s Necroptic Engorgement are on the verge of releasing a new EP — in fact, tomorrow is the appointed day. Entitled Realms of Incessant Bloodshed and featuring the distinctive cover art of Mark Cooper, it will be delivered by Manifest Records, whose personnel will no doubt be wearing body armor as they attempt to distribute this piece of weaponized mayhem. If you’ve got any body armor lying around, you might want to get strapped in yourself before you press play on our premiere of a full stream below.

As a title for this new release, Realms of Incessant Bloodshed provides truth in advertising, because that’s the landscape you’ll be entering through the portal of these six songs (which include such other titles as “Endless Malevolence”, “Bound Gagged and Gutted”, the tender ballad “Sandpaper Masturbation”, and a song about a brain-eating amoeba named “Nagleria Fowleri”). Continue reading »