Jul 262017


On September 29th the death metal band Nekhrah from Cyprus will release their debut album Cosmic Apostasy, and today, on the eve of their performance at Power of the Night Festival, we bring you the premiere of the album’s vicious and virally infectious title track.

Nekhrah was previously known as Impalement. We’re told that their current name is an Anglicised version of the Greek word “Νέκρα”, which means “death” or “deadness” and/or “emptiness” in Greek.

Consistent with that name, we’re further told that the band embrace a nihilistic philosophy, “the belief that existence is meaningless and that there is no inherent meaning in anything we do, think or experience”. Similarly, the lyrics are devoted to “misanthropy, cataclysm, self-destruction and a desire of non-existence”. In the band’s words, “Humanity is but a herd of ritualistic apes that congregate to ceremonialise their own insignificance”.

While we have no reason to doubt any of that, the song we’re hosting today is explosively vibrant — undeniably dark, but a hugely compelling experience nonetheless. Continue reading »