Jun 292021


In a fundamental sense, simplicity is the hallmark of Nigrum Pluviam‘s forthcoming debut album, Eternal Fall Into the Abyss. The compositions are uncomplicated. The technology seems primitive. The instrumental ingredients are spare. It’s not difficult to imagine that its sole creator (Kraëh Määtruum) made it in a cold, sodden, dimly lit place, removed from the rest of life, bereft of creature comforts, and disdainful of both human interaction and any distractions from the severe belief that humanity is worthless and the future is cursed.

The album’s conveyance of such complete and hermit-like dedication to such a dark craft generates a kind of frightening respect. And so does the atmosphere that it so relentlessly creates. Even with such a stripped-down approach, or perhaps because of it, the album powerfully succeeds in creating a submersive effect that builds over time in its changing phases of fear and hopelessness. It becomes weirdly enthralling even as it steadily generates an array of unearthly sensations that will chill you to the bone. Continue reading »