Feb 122012

Nihil: a Latin word meaning “nothing”

Anth: a Sanskrit word for “end”

Nihilanth: a band from Mumbai, India, who have released a grand total of two songs for public consumption. One (just uploaded in the last day) is called “Macabre Existence”, and the other is called “Dimensional Domination”. Both songs are cwaaaazy.

This is death metal viciously struggling to come apart at the seams and engulf the listener in its radioactive fallout. Paying homage to the likes of Necrophagist, Psycroptic, Decapitated, and The Faceless, Nihilanth skillfully whip up a whirlwind of percussion and razor-sharp notes that’s authentically menacing.

With this kind of music, there is indeed a fine line between mindless wankery (yes, there’s that phrase again which has been cropping up in recent NCS posts and comments) and true high-speed death metal that happens to mount its attack through the calculated deployment of precision munitions. I guess it’s obvious that I think Nihilanth stay on the right side of the line. Continue reading »