Dec 272011

I just noticed this, a few days late: Nuclear Blast compiled a free 25-track sampler of songs from the label’s artists as a Christmas gift to metalheads. It’s a strong line-up of music, and coincidentally includes a song from a Finnish band — Battle Beast — who were included in fireangel’s year-end list on NCS and who were signed by Nuclear Blast just in the last two weeks. I count 11 other bands whose music we’ve featured or reviewed on NCS this year. Here’s the track list (it continues after the jump):

01 Destruction – The Price
02 Hell – Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us
03 Demonaz – All Blackened Sky
04 Scar Symmetry – lluminoid Dream Sequence
05 Chrome Division – Bulldogs Unleashed
06 Hammerfall – One More Time
07 Pain – Dirty Woman
08 Rhapsody Of Fire – Aeons Of Raging Darkness (edit)
09 Symphony X – Dehumanized
10 Communic – Destroyer Of Bloodlines
11 Vader – Come And See My Sacrifice
12 Seven – Get It
13 Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation (edit)
14 Tasters – Please Destroy This World Continue reading »