Dec 272011

I just noticed this, a few days late: Nuclear Blast compiled a free 25-track sampler of songs from the label’s artists as a Christmas gift to metalheads. It’s a strong line-up of music, and coincidentally includes a song from a Finnish band — Battle Beast — who were included in fireangel’s year-end list on NCS and who were signed by Nuclear Blast just in the last two weeks. I count 11 other bands whose music we’ve featured or reviewed on NCS this year. Here’s the track list (it continues after the jump):

01 Destruction – The Price
02 Hell – Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us
03 Demonaz – All Blackened Sky
04 Scar Symmetry – lluminoid Dream Sequence
05 Chrome Division – Bulldogs Unleashed
06 Hammerfall – One More Time
07 Pain – Dirty Woman
08 Rhapsody Of Fire – Aeons Of Raging Darkness (edit)
09 Symphony X – Dehumanized
10 Communic – Destroyer Of Bloodlines
11 Vader – Come And See My Sacrifice
12 Seven – Get It
13 Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Violation (edit)
14 Tasters – Please Destroy This World
15 Cipher System – Communicate The Storms
16 Anthrax – Fight’em Till You Can’t
17 Biohazard – Vengeance Is Mine
18 Textures – Singularity
19 We Came As Romans – Mis/understanding
20 Threat Signal – Fallen Disciples
21 Texas In July – 1000 Lies
22 Graveworm – See No Future
23 Like Moths To Flames – You Won’t Be Missed
24 Gotthard – Remember It’s Me
25 Battle Beast – Enter The Metal World

To get the free download, you have to “like” the facebook page of Nuclear Blast Europe. I’m not sure how much longer the download will be available, so if this looks tempting, GO HERE to get it soon.


  1. Wait. “Demonaz – All Blackened Sky”?

    When the heck did his album come out?
    …Oh. In April. 😐

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