Apr 212011

Some metal blogs are spending time writing about the latest pronouncements from Sammy Hagar and Duff McKagan, breaking news items such as KK. Downing leaving Judas Priest, and other subjects that induce us to yawn with the kind of gaping mouth-openness that only a serious oxygen deficit can induce.

Here at NCS, we’re dealing with the serious metal shit, like the news that NunFuckRitual has signed with Debemur Morti Productions and is currently working on its debut album. NunFuckRitual, or NUNFUCKRITUAL if you prefer, is a Norwegian concoction consisting of Teloch (NidingrMayhem), Espen T. Hangård (Killl, NoPlaceToHide), Dan Lilker (Nuclear AssaultS.O.D., Anthrax) and Andreas Johnson (TyrantThe Black).

I recognize Dan Lilker’s name and of course the Nuclear Assault and Mayhem references stand out, too. But, honestly, as curiosity-peaking as all that was, what sealed the deal for us was the band’s name. I mean, honestly, how can you pass by a band name like NUNFUCKRITUAL (I’ve decided I prefer the all-caps version of the name)? You just know the album is headed straight for a Walmart or K-Mart exclusive, with the merch getting the full push by Hot Topic. I’m dyin’ to see the album title.

And what about the music, you may ask? Well, the first words that popped into my head were “pop smash!”  (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »