Jan 222021


Last February we had the pleasure of presenting a lyric video for a song by the Australian black/death ravagers Oath of Damnation. That song, “I Curse Thee, O Lord!” was an eye-popping thrill-ride, both eerily majestic and utterly hellish, both atmospheric and barbaric. And there were a lot more thrills awaiting listeners in the album that included it — the well-named Fury and Malevolence — which was released by Gore House Productions in March 2020, roughly six years after the band’s full-length debut. Months later, that record popped up on numerous year-end lists around the web, and now we have a vivid reminder of just how good the album is.

Fury and Malevolence is brimming with well-told tales of darkness, horror, and ancient mythologies, and one of the most compelling tales is “Imhullu“, the track that opens the record and carries the listener into an unearthly world of titanic struggle and gargantuan bloodshed. No wonder that the band chose that song as the subject of the video we’re premiering today. Continue reading »

Feb 042020


On March 13th the Australian blackened death metal devastators Oath of Damnation will return to the battlefield with their second album, the well-named Fury and Malevolence. Gore House Productions will be the bearer of these seven tracks of unchained ferocity and pitch-black darkness, and we’re in the fortunate position of presenting the first publicly revealed track from the album today through a lyric video.

Entitled “I Curse Thee, O Lord!“, it’s the song that ends the album. As the band tell us, and as you’ll discover through the video, the track delivers “unrelenting savagery paired with a twist on the classical biblical tale of Abraham commanded by his god to sacrifice unto him, his son, Isaac. Unlike in the classic tale, here, no angels come to stay his hand. Press play and destroy!” Continue reading »