Jun 042019


This past February the North Carolina-based trio Oculum Dei released their debut album, Dreams of Desire and Torment, which delivered an unholy and eclectic mix of black and death metal that dynamically ranged from passages of haunting darkness to explosions of wrenching chaos. Today we present an official video for a track off the album that itself encapsulates much of the band’s musical range, a song named “Ghost In the Corridors“. which proves to be an intensely disturbing but very hard-to-forget experience.

The song begins with a moody and beguiling guitar and bass instrumental that seems to be a seductive invitation, but even then there are hints of deeper darkness to come. When the pounding drums and scalding vocals come in, soon joined by a cruel, boiling riff, the music begins to swell in power, soon shrouding the senses in an atmosphere that’s both venomous and dismal, both seething and desolate. Continue reading »