Jun 112012

The demise of The Number of the Blog was one of those “their loss is our gain” kind of events. Since TNOTB went to the Valhalla of metal blogs in a burning longboat last fall, the site’s founder groverXIII has been slumming here at NCS, gifting us with reviews and always-interesting write-ups about new free music, biding his time until the advent of the Next Big Thing.

The Next Big Thing hasn’t yet arrived, but groverXIII has decided to spice up our lives with something else in the meantime: Over the weekend he launched a new site that he has named OCULUS INFERNUS, which is Latin for “The Eye of Hell”, with “the express purpose of documenting his thoughts regarding the Devil’s music and the world of the occult.”  Mother pus bucket!

He has also taken upon himself a new moniker, befitting his role as preceptor of the paranormal: Professor D. Grover the XIIIth.

And what, you may ask, does the good Professor have in store for us in the curriculum of OCULUS INFERNUS? Continue reading »