Oct 302018


Clear your mind of detritus, if you can. An open mind, freed from distractions, is the best preparation for experiencing the music we’re about to present. Closing your eyes is also advisable, or sitting in a dark space where the music alone will provide its own strange light behind your eyes, without competition.

Granted, our advice may be difficult to follow, so it’s worth mentioning that the music itself is the kind that tends to clear the mind by itself, and to replace whatever might have been there with other conceptions, creating a partnership in which the sounds induce visions that are in part Omgeving‘s creations and in part your own.

Actually, before you clear your mind, take a look at the cover art for this Dutch experimental project’s debut album Wijde Wijdte, even though what the Polish artist Kuba Kujawa has created will be difficult to forget once you’ve seen it: Continue reading »