Mar 122024

We are very pleased today to premiere a complete stream of the newest album by the Spanish death/doom metal project Ornamentos del Miedo. Entitled Escapando a Través de la Tierra, it will be released by Tragedy Productions and Meuse Music Records on March 15th.

This stunning new opus is again the solo work of Angel Chicote from Burgos, who was responsible not only for all the vocals and instrumentation but also the mixing, mastering, and artwork.

Lyrically, the songs address “interest disguised as friendship, mental illness, forgotten memories”. “Here there are no more demons, monsters or fantastic beings than those that life gives us”. But while the lyrics may express recognizable vagaries of human life, the intensely atmospheric and emotionally moving music transports the listener to realms far, far away from the mundane. Continue reading »

Jun 192023

The creative output of the Spanish funeral doom band Ornamentos del Miedo (“ornaments of fear”) has rolled forward like a powerful tide, seemingly unstoppable in its momentum. After a first single in 2018, this solo project of Ángel Chicote (Graveyard of Souls, Mass Burial, Logical End…) has produced three albums and a pair of shorter releases, most recently the EP Frío, which was released by The Way of the Hermit in January of this year. And now a fourth full-length is about to crash against the rocks of our shores.

The title of the new album is El Cosmos me Observa en Silencio. Presenting six songs and more than 70 minutes of music in total, it’s set for release on July 6th by the same label, which is an imprint of the Spanish label Darkwoods that’s solely devoted to gloomy and mournful musical atmospheres.

To help pave the way toward the release of this immense new descent into an underworld of dark emotions, today we premiere a lyric video for the 5th track in the album’s running order, a song called “El Camino Desaparece a cada Paso” (“The Path Disappears at Every Step”). Continue reading »

May 022019


On May 10th the debut album of the Spanish atmospheric funeral doom project Ornamentos del Miedo will be co-released by Funere (Armenia) and Solitude Productions (Russia). Its name is Este no es tu hogar, and today we present a premiere stream of the album’s title track.

Ornamentos del Miedo is the solo project of Angel Chicote, who is a current or former member of such other groups as Graveyard Of Souls, Mass Burial, Ad Nebula Nigra, Ultimo Gobierno, and Sinergia. He created Ornamentos del Miedo as a vehicle for stripping away “all ornaments and mirages that we have built to adapt us to a miserable existence,” and journeying deep into the subconscious “where truth exists naked and unpolluted by the ego and survival instinct”. Continue reading »