Nov 182012

You know it when you see it — things that are metal even if they’re not music. And that’s what we collect in this series of posts — photos, videos, and news items I think are metal.

It’s been a couple weeks since the last time I did this, so today I’ve got a whopping ten items for you: striking photos from an Australian rainforest, a trouser snake from the Amazon, sexual horrors of the insect world, the world’s largest collection of penises (in Iceland), dumb ways to die, Finnish hockey commercials, mind-blowing video of the new world record for holding your breath, a couple of dudes wearing medals, and a new Oz movie that’s got me pretty excited. Here we go:


The first item is a series of photographs that appeared in Australian Geographic. They were taken by Kaisa and Stanley Breeden in a northern Queensland rainforest for their book Rainforest Country, which was published earlier this year. One of the photos is at the top of this post — a close-up of a Boyd’s rainforest dragon (Hypsilurus boydii).

Right after the jump, in the following order, you’ll see a cassowary (a bird that’s covered in black feathers everywhere except for the skin on the head and throat, which are brightly colored); a small patch of wet rocks on a beach (they are only brightly coloured when wet); and a pygmy possum (lol).

The Australian Geographic article about the Breedens and Rainforest Country can be found via this link, and you can click here to see even more of these eye-popping photos. Continue reading »