Mar 032017


If you’re not disgusted and furious about the world we’re living in, then you’ve done a much better job than I have in numbing, distracting, or blinding yourself to what’s all around us. Living in a perpetual state of fury and disgust isn’t the best recipe for mental health, of course, but trying to suppress it or completely salve it over with a delusional balm isn’t healthy either. It needs to be expressed, and indulging those feelings through music is at least better than some other ways I can think of.

Which brings me to Pain Tank. And man, there’s a name that’s tailor-made for the music they’ve created on their debut album, 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills, which will be released on March 17th through their own independent label Edgewood Arsenal Records. They express pain — and make you feel the pain — with the assaulting force of a tank attack. Continue reading »