Jul 292022


(In this new interview Comrade Aleks spoke with the members of Kansas-based Parthian, whose debut album was released at the beginning of this month.)

Progressive rock and metal seem to be among the most popular instruments used by musicians to describe Cosmic and Lovecraftian Horror. Other musical genres work too, for this Horror is multifaceted and each of its forms could be revealed in different ways. However this Wichita-based progressive / melodic death metal band, Parthian, walks another direction, creating its own mythology on H.P.’s fundament.

Parthian released their concept album Desolation of a Ceaseless Dawn on the first of July, six years after they managed to release their debut EP Perpetual Deconstruction, and we had a talk with the guys. The current line-up consists of Adam Faris (guitars, vocals), D.J.Dixon (drums), and Jacky Patrick (bass), but most of the time it’s Parthian‘s collective mind who answers my questions. Continue reading »