Jun 112019


Syracuse, New York, is home to a malevolent new black metal entity who’ve taken the name Pestis Inferos. Their debut EP, Beyond the Veil of Light, is a ruthless statement of intent by this hellish trio, and today, in advance of its June 24 release date, we reveal a new track from it that’s  fittingly entitled “Within the Darkness, I Dwell“.

When the band first began to take shape in the spring of last year, there were not-entirely-serious musings about embracing Darkthrone worship, but as the songwriting began, the direction shifted more in the direction of Dark Funeral (which perhaps explains the name of the EP’s opening song, “From Throne To Funeral”). The song we’re presenting today is certainly heavy as hell’s gates, and the kind of powerhouse track that is at once cold and cruel, and fiery and ferocious. Continue reading »