Aug 102016

Forest of Fog-Awake

This is a much briefer round-up than usual, not because I haven’t found more new songs and videos to recommend but because I’m again short on time. For a change, the constriction of my blogging activity isn’t being caused by my fucking day job but by more pleasurable activities.

This week I’ve been playing host in Seattle to a visitor from Denmark, the esteemed MaxR of Metal Bandcamp, and tomorrow he and I and other Seattle friends (plus another esteemed visitor from the East Coast) will be journeying to Olympia for Migration Fest. The blog won’t completely shut down in the meantime, but it will become less active.


I decided I had time to write about two songs for this round-up before Max and I embark on this day’s touristy activities. I picked these two because they are both highly infectious and highly enjoyable. The first one I discovered only yesterday, the second one I’ve been sitting on since last month. Continue reading »