Feb 042021


The Canadian band Plague Weaver was formed in 2018 by RM, and through both a self-titled debut EP in 2019 and the 2020 EP Through the Sulphur Eyes, the project displayed an intertwining of traditional black metal and doom-inspired atmospheres. In the summer of last year, new vocalist JC joined this infernal formation, and the duo began work on a debut album that has now reached completion.

Entitled Ascendant Blasphemy, the album reflects an evolution from the preceding EPs and increased diversity in the song-writing. As the band correctly observe, it’s still “a pretty cold journey from start to finish”, but the songs are more riff-driven and vary in their tempos and tones, ranging from savage attacks to more mid-paced excursions and more doom-drenched songs at the end. The album, as the band say, “aims to invigorate and distress the listener.”

Ascendant Blasphemy will be released on February 26th, and today we present a lyric video for a piece of musical diabolism called “Deicidal Usurper“. Continue reading »