Mar 172022

On April 8th the Massachusetts-based “metaltronica” project Planepacked will release a multi-faceted new album named Transactinides. A head-spinning trip of changing moods and soundscapes, the music includes ingredients that should appeal to fans of extreme metal, but adventurously mixes those with both boisterous and mesmerizing electronica and dramatically varying vocal styles.

Not for naught does the press material explain that on this new record Planepacked draws influence from the likes of Autechre, Igorrr, Devin Townsend, and Susumu Hirasawa (among others), as well as the urban fantasy fiction series Endian Project created by the woman behind Planepacked, Jessica Kagan.

What we bring you today is the premiere of the second single from the new album, a pulse-pounding spectacle named “The Demon Core“. Continue reading »