Nov 142023

Four years after their debut album Redistribution Of Flesh, Portland’s ingeniously named Rank and Vile will detonate a new album named Worship on November 17th, with the pin pulled by Modern Grievance Records.

It really is an explosive weapon, this album, one that discharges a blast front of violent deathgrind but also inflicts bunker-busting grooves and is equally well-calculated to stir up electrified pits of sweat-soaked humanity in the pit.

The album is also well-timed, because its high-octane fuel is politically charged rage and its method is punishment. It is, first and foremost, a musical catharsis, a weaponized reaction that (in words from the label’s PR materials) “takes shots at flabby politicians, hypocritical religious fanatics, and fence-sitting sycophants”. Theocrats, autocrats, and plutocrats may not get the justice they deserve in the outer world, but they sure as hell get it in the inner world of this record. Continue reading »

Sep 092019


The band is Rank and Vile (a nice play on words). The name of the song is “killdozer.” — intentionally lowercase, the period intentionally inserted at the end, just like all the song titles on their new album redistribution of flesh. (same with the album title). Regardless of punctuation choices, the song title is absolutely accurate. It is an audio killing machine, as heavy as a bulldozer, but capable of moving with the speed and agility of a big cat chasing prey on the savanna.

This death-grind unit from Portland, Oregon, only came together last year, but the newcomers aren’t tyros. And they already seem to have a very clear vision for their music, which pulls influence from the sounds of bands such as Entombed and Gatecreeper, Rotten Sound and Megrudergrind, and Black Breath. The results of their work turn out to be savagely mauling experiences, and big adrenaline triggers. Continue reading »