Mar 282022


Metal-Archives lists 8 active bands from around the world who call themselves Reaper (plus a couple more Reapers that have split up and one that changed its name). The one we’re focusing on here is from Melbourne, Australia (not to be confused with the other Australian Reaper from New South Wales).

This Reaper released a blistering six-track self-titled demo in 2017 and have rocketed from that to a debut album named Viridian Inferno that’s now set for release on April 22nd by Dying Victims Productions. Doubling down on all things reaping, the band named the song we’re premiering today “The Reaper” (emphasis added). Continue reading »

Mar 132021


I’m going to indulge myself and let you know what’s recently been going on behind the scenes here at our putrid site before we get to the music below.

As I moaned and bitched about over the last couple of weeks, I have indeed been crushed by a project for my day job. For many days last week I couldn’t do anything but write premieres I had promised to do, and for two of those days I couldn’t even do that. Thankfully, Andy Synn stepped in and did the editing and posting of some things written by others (and by himself) so that the site didn’t go dark.

While consumed by work, I couldn’t even pay much attention to our email or announcements on social media and music-related messages from friends. But the worst part of that project ended yesterday, and I did a little catching up (just a few days’ worth), enough that I made a list of 47 songs and videos to check out (I’m not making that up). Of course I’ve only randomly jumped around in that list. I’ll probably never get to the rest of it, much less everything else that came out while I was missing in action. From that random darting around I picked the following songs and videos. Continue reading »