Apr 092013

I had time this morning to snoop around the web and my e-mail inbox in search of interesting new music and new videos. Unfortunately, at the moment my fucking day job isn’t allowing me enough time to listen to everything I found, much less write about it.

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if I could find a whole album’s worth of songs I could listen to in about 82.8 seconds, with a video to go along with it?

And wow, what an amazing coincidence! Just as those thoughts crossed my mind I found a whole album of music lasting only 82.8 seconds (including the spaces between songs) AND a video to go with it! Yeah, it happened just like that.

How do you get 13 songs on an 82.8 second album? You fuckin’ griiiiiind, that’s how. Here’s the track list (plus run times for each song) for what Earache Records is billing as “The World’s Shortest Album”: Continue reading »