Aug 032020


On the 21st of this month the death metal band Recorruptor, who are based in Lansing, Michigan, will release their second album The Funeral Corridor, which follows their well-received 2017 debut full-length, Bloodmoon. Pulling from inspirations both old and new, they’ve created a brace of well-conceived and well-executed songs that collectively make for a dynamic experience, showing themselves capable not only of discharging sensations of monstrous menace and electrifying savagery but also packing their onslaughts with melodic and rhythmic hooks that dig deep and are difficult to dislodge (even if some of them are seriously unsettling).

We have a prime example of these talents in the song we’re premiering today through an official video, a track named “Moribund” that’s pure undiluted evil. Continue reading »