May 142014

(Austin Weber puts the spotlight on a big load of 2013 releases that he feels were overlooked.  This is Part 2 of a four-part piece; we’ll have the other parts on each of the remaining days this week.)


The French seem to have a stranglehold on killer brutal complex death metal bands, a diverse but somewhat familiar regional style if you will, with various shades. Approaching the more brutal side of things are Redeeming Torment. This brutetechtesticular raging group rarely relent on their 2013 EP, The Dominion, but their penchant for thundering grooves gives the music a strong sense of dynamics, and they are adept at delivering a wall of thick, feverish sound that sticks with you.

The band are offering The Dominion for free, as I saw from a link they posted on their Facebook page: Continue reading »