Aug 012017


When I listened to Besieged for the first time I was left wide-eyed and slack-jawed by the end of just the first track, with a spike in my pulse rate that would have made my doctor anxious, and already wondering how to describe what I was hearing — and already thinking about fireworks displays. By the album’s end I was shaking my head, fairly astonished at this tour de force — and still thinking about fireworks, but also about large-scale demolition jobs and rousing anthems.

Besieged is the remarkable debut album by a group of evil geniuses who dwell in the vicinity of Vancouver, BC. They call themselves Resurgence. The album has been released today — August 1 — and you can listen to it below, preceded by more than a few words of wonderment and genuine appreciation for what these dudes have done. Feel free to skip ahead and press play, I can handle it. Continue reading »

Jul 192017


Let’s tick off some of the good things that Vancouver’s Resurgence have going for them, shall we?

There’s the cover art by Tony Koehl for their forthcoming debut album Besieged, which catches the eye quite quickly and effectively. As you’ll see below, they’re also a photogenic bunch of lads — or at least they make you wonder what the hell was going on at that photo shoot. If appearances can be credited, they also look like the kind of dudes you’d like spending time with, as long as you’re comfortable around knives, cigars, and lots of beer.

What have I forgotten? Oh yeah! Their music… it’s a form of modern death metal that’s something like a cross between a fully tooled-up war machine and a blood-stained butcher delivering red meat to the mosh pit. You’ll get a lip-smacking taste of that through our premiere of a track aptly named “Machine“. Continue reading »