Jun 142010

Filter has been playing, off and on, since 1993. They’ve released four studio albums, and their fifth one, The Trouble With Angels, is due in August via Rocket Science Ventures. So why are we writing about them today? Good question, since they’re not exactly an extreme metal band. Two reasons.

First, to be brutally honest (and brutal is the only kind of honest we know how to be here at NCS), there’s an element of nostalgia at work. Filter songs such as “Hey Man, Nice Shot”, “Where Do We Go From Here?” an “Take A Picture” formed the soundtrack to some deliciously fucked-up times in my life. I listen to those songs, and a kaleidoscope of those moments come cascading back.

But reason number one wouldn’t be enough for me to take up your time with this post. Because, to be brutally honest, we think bands that trade on nostalgia should be rectally impaled on spikes.

So that necessarily brings me to reason number two: Filter has released a new single from the forthcoming fifth, called “The Inevitable Relapse”, along with a performance video of the song filmed on May 31 in Hollywood. And it’s that song that grabbed our attention, cuz it’s a heavy-as-fuck return to Filter’s nasty industrial-metal roots. Follow along after the jump and you can see the video and download the song for nothing (well, almost nothing . . .) Continue reading »