Sep 052019


Now well into their second decade of existence, the Québec City band Saccage will be releasing their third album, Khaos Mortem, on September 20 through a triumvirate of labels. The name of their first album — Death Crust Satanique — provides a succinct summing up of their sound, but although the new album continues to lash together death metal and crust, it leans harder into the elements of death metal, creating an experience that’s heavier, darker, more brutal, more crushing — and absolutely explosive.

The new album also unmistakably displays the collective experience of the band’s members. They’re sonic executioners to be sure, but the performances are sharp as well as lethal, and the songs prove to be dynamic and multi-faceted, without diminishing the fury that propels them. We have a prime example of those qualities in the track we’re presenting today — “La Kermesse Du Charnier“. Continue reading »