Jul 102017


“Death Metal is a visceral art that is dependent upon the extreme dedication of its loyal fans. We have no other purpose but to deliver a version of this art to those same fans like us, whose lives have been claimed by the likes of SUFFOCATION, CARCASS, and DEATH. It is in this vein that we construct our own brutal dirges, devoid of genre restriction and eager to explore the darker realms of music.”

And with those words, the flesh-eating New England morticians who call themselves Scalpel introduce their second album, Methods To Delusion, which was engineered by none other than Colin Marston (Gorguts) at the esteemed Thousand Caves Studios. It will be released by the band on July 25th.

Thematically, the album could roil strong stomachs, painting imagery of “crusted severed toes nailed to walls; humans covered head to toe in needles administering horrific psychoactive chemicals; an infant’s head being turned to apple sauce on a kitchen counter’s edge”, and other macabre grotesqueries. As for the music, we have some samples for your not-so-tender ears, including our premiere of “The Woodsman (Part 2)“. Continue reading »