Apr 142010

As regular readers know, we’re suckers for extreme music from far-away places that aren’t particularly well-known in the U.S. for their metal scenes.  (Though we like American bands, too!) Mumbai, India, qualifies. It’s far away. It’s not known here in the U.S. for its extreme metal scene. And it has produced a band called Demonic Resurrection that turns out to be worth some close attention.

Some of you guys probably already know of this band, but they’re a discovery for us. But what you probably don’t know is this breaking news from Mumbai: Demonic Resurrection have signed a deal with Candlelight Records for the worldwide release of their latest album, The Return To Darkness, which the band self-released in January. We now know that The Return to Darkness is the band’s third album, and the completion of a conceptual trilogy.

If we had seen Global Metal, the documentary film by Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen, we would have known about these Mumbai metallers before now, because they’re apparently featured in that film, along with bands from other exotic locales such as China, Iran, Indonesia, and Israel. (We’ve really got to watch that film.)

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