Sep 232011

(Here’s a brief review from NCS writer TheMadIsraeli . . .)

Just look at this fucking album cover:

It’s got bears fighting on it.  FUCKING BEARS. I suppose you can call this an edition of the NCS EYE CATCHERS series, since I totally downloaded this on merit of the album cover alone. But what exactly could such a mammoth album cover encompass?

Seas Of Stone (from Dresden, Germany) plays dense, humid, mist-engulfed doom/sludge metal that channels the atmosphere of hiking the northern woodlands, and hopefully NOT getting fucked a new one by fucking bears.  The production on this 3-song EP is pretty astounding, channeling the very mood and ambience of the album cover itself.  The instruments are all dense and behemoth in tone, playing sludge that induces a dreading sense of being mobbed.

By fucking bears. (a bit more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »