Sep 232011

(Here’s a brief review from NCS writer TheMadIsraeli . . .)

Just look at this fucking album cover:

It’s got bears fighting on it.  FUCKING BEARS. I suppose you can call this an edition of the NCS EYE CATCHERS series, since I totally downloaded this on merit of the album cover alone. But what exactly could such a mammoth album cover encompass?

Seas Of Stone (from Dresden, Germany) plays dense, humid, mist-engulfed doom/sludge metal that channels the atmosphere of hiking the northern woodlands, and hopefully NOT getting fucked a new one by fucking bears.  The production on this 3-song EP is pretty astounding, channeling the very mood and ambience of the album cover itself.  The instruments are all dense and behemoth in tone, playing sludge that induces a dreading sense of being mobbed.

By fucking bears. (a bit more after the jump . . .)

Seas Of Stone are thankfully doing the smart thing, and are streaming this entire EP on their Bandcamp page.  The kicker though?  It’s free.  Better download this, or the bears will rape you.

EDITOR’S NOTE: To find out more about Seas of Stone, check out their Facebook page here. And here’s that Bandcamp player so you can have a listen to the music:

  3 Responses to “SEAS OF STONE”

  1. wow, those are some fucking hardcore bears. If that is a sea of stone, like the caption says, then obviously they’re someplace that is hot enough to melt stone! Because all the splashing clearly indicates that they are in a liquid substance, so I guess it must be liquid stone. Which I’m pretty sure is lava, right? And they are just standing in it. That’s hardcore.

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