Sep 232011

Today seems to be a day for song and video debuts from bands we like here at NCS. As long as they continue rolling out, we’ll continue putting them up.

The most recent advent comes from those brilliant instrumentalists in Animals As Leaders, whose sophomore album Weightless is coming our way in November via Prosthetic Records. The song that debuted in full today is called “Isolated Incidents”, and it’s a blast to hear.

The song begins with an inventive but almost placid passage, which is hardly preparation for the sledgehammer blows that follow it as the song kicks into high gear. Tosin Abasi is in fine, fine form, mixing a host of different guitar instrumental styles as the song weaves its way through the maze of its progressions, and his compatriots Navene Koperweis and Javier Reyes stay right with him. Coolness. Listen after the jump.


  1. Hmm, I Didn’t know NCS covered jazz fusion 😉

  2. That was tight. Abasi has always been genre-bending.

  3. *puts down bong*
    Holy shit that video was good. Very much enjoy the genre mixing/soft parts

  4. This is so awesome, words can’t describe….

  5. I normally don’t much care for instrumental only music, but AAL does weird things to my brain holes and makes them feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Like doing ecstasy in a jacuzzi. (I’m guessing.)

  6. Okay, this is the kind of video I shouldn’t watch when I have a headache. That detail aside, I would’ve been more impressed if it was more than visualizer footage with some shots of the band thrown in for flavor.

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