Sep 232011

We’ve been dribbling out new songs and videos today, and I thought we were through, but we’re not — because I just got a press release about a new lyric video from Carnifex. It’s for a song called “Dead But Dreaming”, which will appear on the band’s next album, Until I Feel Nothing, scheduled for release by Victory Records on October 24. I have a couple of quick reactions, and then I’ll let you go watch and listen to the video.

First, the song is a fucken crusher. Massive, groaning chords set the stage, and then the band rip into high gear with pounding riffs, grisly vocals, artillery-style drumming, and well-placed bass drops. Fans of the band’s deathcore roots will welcome the return of brutal breakdowns, and I enjoyed the juxtaposition of almost dream-like ambience here and there in the song.

Second, the lyrics aren’t half-bad, and certainly an improvement over the misogynistic ranting that filled so many of the band’s earliest songs.

I’m guessing we’re going to get more straight death-metal in the new album, continuing through on the transitions that began on Hell Chose Me, but as deathcore goes, this song proves that Carnifex have still got it.  The vid is right after the jump, along with some Carnifex tour info and a link for album pre-orders.

Next month, Carnifex will be touring in California, Nevada, and Arizona with Throwdown, First Blood, and Suffokate.  Here’s the schedule:

Oct 21, 2011      San Diego, CA, US @ Soma w/Throwdown, First Blood, Suffokate
Oct 22, 2011      Bakersfield, CA, US @ Jerry’s Pizza w/Throwdown, First Blood, Suffokate
Oct 23, 2011      Anaheim, CA, US @ Chain Reaction w/Throwdown, First Blood, Suffokate
Oct 24, 2011      Tucson, AZ, US @ Skrappy’s w/Throwdown, First Blood, Suffokate
Oct 25, 2011      Mesa, AZ, US @ The Undeground w/Throwdown, First Blood, Suffokate
Oct 26, 2011      Las Vegas, NV, US @ Hard Rock Cafe w/Throwdown, First Blood, Suffokate
Oct 27, 2011      Sparks, NV, US @ The Alley w/Throwdown, First Blood, Suffokate
Oct 28, 2011      Orangevale, CA, US @ Boardwalk w/Throwdown, First Blood, Suffokate
Oct 29, 2011      Temecula, CA, US @ The Vault w/Throwdown, First Blood, Suffokate
Oct 30, 2011      Huntington Beach, CA, US @ E.F.F w/Throwdown, First Blood, Suffokate
Oct 31, 2011      Canoga Park, CA, US @ Cobalt Cafe w/Throwdown, First Blood, Suffokate

You can peruse pre-order packages for Until I Feel Nothing here. And for more info about the band, try these links:


  1. thats the shit i like…

  2. I tried listening to the song, but I accidentally watched the video and the lyrics and…

    No. Just…no.

    Are the lines even connected to each other or did they just play write random mopey words on Jenga blocks and then organize the words according to how the blocks feel down? I can’t even comment on the music, because the lyrics were so…gaaaaaaaah. If these are an improvement, I don’t want to know what they were like before.

    • Lyrics to “Slit Wrist Savior” from the first album:

      That was her first time
      That was her last time

      Cut at your face
      Blood in the sink
      You’ll hate your-self
      Till the day you die

      Till the day you die

      Blood on your hands
      Blood on your legs
      Why does this happen time and time again?
      Time and time again


      I should have sown my heart in my chest
      Are eyes should have never met
      Eyes should have never met
      Never met [2x]


      Slit wrist savior
      She cuts to see blood


      • Sometimes I forget how much there are people in this world who deserve nothing more than to be trampled by flaming giraffes wearing ice skates.

        Thanks for reminding me.

  3. I’m a big fan of both “The Diseased And The Poisoned” and “Hell Chose Me”, but this one seemed a little… awkward?

    Some good rattly death metal riffage and some hefty roundhouse breakdowns aside, I think it’s the vocals/lyrics and their delivery which don’t sit well.

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