Aug 212014

(DGR reviews the third album by Sweden’s Sectu, which was launched in June of this year.)

The discovery of Sectu could not have come at a better time for your lovely reviewer here. While I’ve buried myself in a smattering of different genres recently, there hasn’t really been a traditional death metal disc that has caught mine eye in a bit. You can actually thank Volturyon for this discovery, because while bouncing around to their Bandcamp page to look for a stream we could attach to the review of Human Demolition, I found the Swedish record label ViciSolum Records and their Bandcamp page — and just below Volturyon were Sectu.

Now, I absolutely love record company Bandcamp pages. It’s such an amazing way to discover bands and, if you’re coming across an album that has come out already, an excellent way to get a big sample of what you’ll be in for. It’s the modern-day “stuck in a CD store listening to an album to find out what’s on it” — minus the headphones and the trying your damndest not to rock out in public.

Sectu, who are based in Stockholm, Sweden, are hard to pin down within the death metal genre. They have elements of tech-death, but also a huge treasure trove of Swedish death metal from which to pull, and are even prone to delving into some of Morbid Angel’s more apocalyptic moments. Continue reading »