Aug 162021


Today we premiere a song from Lustmord, the debut album of Sentiero Dei Principi, the solo work of Nicola Redavid from Bari, Italy, in advance of its October 1 release by Esercito della Chiesa Dorata. But before we turn to the music, we want to share information about the concepts that underlie the album, because it will shed further light on the sensations of the music itself, and on Nicola Redavid‘s characterization of the style as “romantic black metal”.

The album’s title is a German word meaning “lust murder”. As described by Sentiero Dei Principi, it is a theme “that brings to mind scenes of violence but which at the same time contains a less raw and more psychological meaning, useful for what is the vision of childhood (where love is not necessarily understood as a relationship between lovers but also as a “child/parent” relationship), which is hit by events and traumas that lead to a sort of ‘death of love’. The traumas of childhood then have repercussions on development and adulthood, becoming partly responsible for crimes such as lust murders”. Continue reading »