Jan 182023

The Chilean death metal band Sepulcrum (from Puerto Montt) made their public recording debut in 2020 with an explosive five-song EP named Corpse Dividing Holes, drawing influence from such classic ’90s death metal bands as Morbid Angel, Deicide, Mortem (Rus), Morta Skuld, Pestilence, and Death. They followed that up with numerous shows in the south of the country, and also turned their fiendish talents to the preparation of a full-length.

That album is now complete and bears the name Lamentation of Immolated Souls. Emblazoned with eye-catching cover art by Francisco Ramírez (Morkt Artist), it’s set for release on March 17th by the cult Mexican label Chaos Records on vinyl, CD, and cassette tape, joined in the release by the Chilean label Burning Coffin Records (CD and tape), licensed by Burning Coffin and Canometal Records.

To help spread the word, today we’re premiering a berserk bonfire of a song named “Schizophrenic Amputation“. Continue reading »