Aug 132015

Serial Butcher-Brute Force Lobotomy


Even if you’re not already familiar with Serial Butcher, the cover art by Tony Koehl for their forthcoming second album should tell you almost all you need to know about the music you’re about to hear. And if you’re a little slow to catch on, then take a second look at the title of the song we’re premiering and reflect upon the fact that it comes from an album named Brute Force Lobotomy.

Still not getting it? Well, consider the additional fact that Serial Butcher’s current line-up consists of current and formers members of Aborted, Emeth, Moker, and Ectopia, and that the album will be released by Unique Leader Records.

Still not enough information? Man, some of you must still be half-asleep. Well, here’s a statement from the band: Continue reading »